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The increase in the number of super/hypermarkets in Sofia does not appear to be slowing down, making shopping a much easier experience all round for ex-pats. All are self serve (with the exception of the deli counters) and air conditioned. Most have trolleys with children seats, easy car access, and accept debit and credit cards. Your favourite choice will depend on the location of the supermarket and your personal preference of products on offer.

Austrian chain, has several outlets around Sofia and the country. Take your own shopping bags as they charge.

4 Zlatovruh St.(Lozenets) and 30 Elemag St.(Izgrev)
An upmarket supermarket with two outlets, in the wealthier residential areas of Sofia.

Chain of bright, cheerful local stores.

Local chain of convenience stores open till late plus a couple of bigger supermarkets around town. The supermarket in Students Town next to the Extreme bowling alley is open round the clock.

Alexander Malinov Blvd., Mladost 4
An exceptionally exotic selection of fruit and veg. On the premises there is a dry cleaners, pharmacy and a couple of other small shops including a counter offering ready cooked food.

Phillip Avramov Blvd., Mladost 3
Strategically placed between Billa and Hit in the Mladost area (behind Nova Denitsa) Good fresh bread counter.

Metro Cash & Carry
Tsarigradsko Shosse & Evropa Blvd (Lyulin)
Before you can shop here you need to get a customer card. This can either be 83 registered to your business or as a foreigner you can get a day card against your passport. Please note children under 7 will not be admitted. Some items need to be purchased in bulk, the price tags will inform you of this.

Upmarket Bulgarian supermarket chain with two new outlets in the centre of Sofia - one in the basement of each of the two malls. Excellent selection of foodstuffs, cheese, fresh fish and deli counters as well as cooked meals to take home.

Sofia’s open air markets
Still a good place for fresh fruit and veg. Remember the offer still tends to be dictated by season and the best flavoured products are those that are local and in season.

The most popular markets with the foreign community include Sitnyakovo market (behind the Romanian embassy) and the Roman Wall Market in Lozenets.

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